Manta Castle

Viale Castello Manta
Saluzzo, Piemonte, ITALY

Category: Villa&Castle

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History: The castle of Manta is a typical example of the art of court of first ' the 400. It belonged more families: Aicardi, Pagnoni, Enganna, Angioini. To its inside they can be seen frescoes of knows it it baronial between which the famous "Crocefissione" of Jaquerio. Luminous example of ancient art. An evocative climb is arrived to the castle covering and the first aspect that it hits is the irregolarità of the shapes due to successive edificazioni and rimaneggiamenti. In the more ancient part, mail to noon, detaches a tower much high one, but more square towers, currently passings, to every angle of solid massive walls, were present in the construction of century XII. Occupied from the Angioini in XIII the century, passed subsequently to Tommaso of Saluzzo, restructured Manfred IV and from Tommaso III was inherited from the son, author of ancient write. The poema, composed in the period from 1395 to 1404 approximately, he came written in ancient French, part in prosa and part in backs and tells in allegorical key, the travel of a man who, given over for along time to the joys peels some, to the end ravvede. In its travel the protagonist meets antichi Greek heroes and Roman, the knights of the round table, principles and others important contemporary personages, Re and Papi, and assists to tornei, huntings and battles. To some of these they will inspire themselves he frescoes to it of the inside, he operates of Jaquerio, Duxaimo and of their students, he commissions to you from the filgio natural of Tommaso III, to which the castle he was from the father left in inheritance and that is to Valerano Saluzzo of the Manta, saying the BURDO. This name derived to it from the fact to be owner of the place of Brondello then said Burdello. Initiator in 1416 of the illustrious family, to which the castle it remained for four centuries, left a personal print in the structuring of the entirety, agenso is to the inside that to the outside: it widened and it restored it; in the garden to noon I plant exotic trees rivieraschi, like ulivi, lemons, oranges, and the arricchi with glia it frescoes to which already it has been pointed out, making treasure, in its choices, of all which had seen in its travels and stays near the courts of the French nobility. Nearest Saluzzo, the Castle was legacy to the vicissitudes of the capoluogo and was plundered in 1483 in the war undertaken from the Duca di Savoia against Ludovico II. In the period in which the Marchesato it remained then in possession of the French and of the Savoia, perdette progressively the characteristics of fortress in order to become summery residence. In a 1860 good third party of the manufactured one it came pulled down for landslide fear, however that that remains does not lack one sure suggestion for the largeness of together. Between the pregi it puts into effect them go sottolinetai frescoes of Knows it to it Baronial to which signal has been made and that they deserve one detailed description. It knows it is to plant to rettanglare with the coat of arms of the Saluzzo Manta on a great fireplace of forehead to the throne.


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