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Maple Valley

Category: Abandoned Ski Areas

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Dan's Lost Ski Area Explorations

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**December 2010**
Trails: Looks like some work has been done to the lower slopes near the base area of the mountain. And by work done, I mean they mowed them.
Lifts: Strangely enough, the three major lifts still standing (the two chairs and the T-bar) have received fresh paint jobs on their base teriminals, first towers, and carriers within reach from the ground. Don't know if this was done to spruce the place up for a potential seller or what, because the rest of the lifts further up the line remain rusty as ever.
Facilities: Same, although the sign for "General Timber Corp." was no longer anywhere on the property.
Accessibility: A single, new-ish looking posted sign was stapled to a telephone pole near the South Chair. Not so sure what's going on here.

**March 2010**
Trails: Still clear, and more usable during winter when the taller grasses die down and are covered with snow. Some smaller "old-field invader" pine trees starting to grown in on the sunnier slopes near the bottom.
Lifts: The weather has NOT been kind to Maple Valley's lifts the past few years. The north chair has become EXTREMELY rusty since I last visited; the haul rope is now a bright shade of, well, rust, as are most of the chairs. I'm sure the South Chair has fared no better but I couldn't really tell from the parking lot.
Facilities: The ski area was once listed as for sale for $1.5 million, but that for sale website has now been removed. The lights were on on the top floor of the main lodge, and a sign for "General Timber Corp." was put up over the sign for the parking lot.
Accessibility: Presumably the same. No posted signs anywhere, and I'm sure that timber corp is only renting part of the lodge and not the entire ski area, though that may not bode well for it reopening anytime soon...

**September 2007**
Trails: Same as previous visit, although taller grasses and saplings are starting to make their presence known along the narrower liftlines.
Lifts: Same as previous visit. Rusting away into oblivion.
Facilities: Same, a little bit more vandalism noticed than on my previous visit.
Accessibility: Same, although it was pouring rain that day and I didn't hike/explore as much as I would have liked.

**February 2005**
Trails: All still very clear and distinguishable. Mountain was only closed for 4 years at that point and regrowth seemed to be going fairly slowly (though it was winter). All trails still definitely skiable.
Lifts: All of the mountains original lifts (2 Hall doubles and a Hall T-bar) still stand, albeit in rough and rusty shape.
Facilities: The lodge and other buildings were just as they were when the mountain went under. Everything's completely untouched.
Accessibility: The mountain is for sale, the land is unposted, and its definitely still skaible with enough snow cover if you want to hike it.


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