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Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship

6751 Columbia Gateway Drive #500
Columbia, MD 21046, US

Category: State/Federal Agencey

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Maryland Biotech Industry Map

The Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE) is an organization developed by the HCEDA under the leadership of its CEO, Laura Neuman and County Executive Ken Ulman.
The MCE provides a robust, interactive community of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and advisors collaborating to successfully ignite innovation and launch high-growth, technology-based companies in an entrepreneurial ecosystem abundant with resources.
Centrally located in Columbia, the MCE leverages its position in the heart of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan corridor to deliver best in class resources and services.

"Getting Shtuff Done" is the tagline gsd@mce indicates. The priorities of the MCE are consistent with that of the HCEDA's goals of starting, growing, and attracting new companies. Specifically, activities revolve around the three categories listed below.