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Massazza castle -hotel

Via Al Castello
Massazza, Piemonte, ITALY

Category: Villa&Castle

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Takeover defended on baraggivo spur, probably From Liguria Celto, then passed to the Roman and subsequently Longobarda fortification; incastellato around to year Thousands. Typical defensive village Medioevale, agricultural warehouse of commodities and products shelter of the crudes oil allocates them in the zone and defense of the country place to those times to North, on the Baraggia, celtica derivation (Mas Axa great swamp is one valid root). You they conserve Are Celtiche with votive cupels and testimonies of Templare age with symbols of the typical Cross. E' characterized from the high tower in pebble bachelors and from one rocchetta viscontea with typical Ghibelline merlons. To the inner Nail head dedicated to Sant' Antonino and Sant' Anna with interesting Romanesque apse and it frescoes trecenteschi. In 1200 of the Guala di Casalvolone, for all 1300 of the Visconti of Milan which characterized it with various monofore typical of the Lombardic castles, one in particular considered between beautifulst of the Piemonte. From 1400 to all 1800 of the Avogadro family. From 1978 of the Cavallari family, which is operating a patient recovery building the Rocca like room and in part offering the good for events, extensions and fairs having arranged know them with services and great kitchen; it has been moreover created a theatre arena with formidable acoustics and evocative scenic impact.


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