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Masseria San Domenico hotel

Strada Litoranea 379 - 72015 Savelletri di Fasano
Fasano Br (brindisi), Italy, IT
+390804827769 Fax +39 080 4827978

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The Masseria San Domenico lies about five hundred meters from the sea on the coast between Bari and Brindisi. It is one of the oldest watch towers built in the XV century. This fortified building was used to warn against attacks by the Turks.
After a careful restoration, completed respecting the old shapes and the original building materials, the tower was converted into a deluxe resort whose charm recalls the history of the region, a land where the Eastern and the Mediterranean cultures have mixed well together.
Against the backdrop of the blue sky and sea, the whitewashed stone buildings stand out amidst ancient silver olive groves, among which there lies a magnificient irregularly-shaped pool encircled by rocks and plants.
You can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful place with an efficient and careful service. In the Puglia region, the "masserie" were large agricultural centers for farming the land and preserving farm produces. There were several buildings used for the working of farm products.
One building was the house for the "massaro's" workers and was -occasionally- used by the owners as their residence.
The historical center of the Masseria San Domenico dates back to the XIV century and was used by the Knights of Malta, whose main center in Puglia was S. Stefano, as a watch tower against Saracens' attacks.

Around the historical center with its ancient slits and chimneys was born the Masseria San Domenico whose architectural structures developed around the beginning of the XX century according to the needs of the agricultural activities. Surrounded by 60 hectares of ancient olive trees and orchards, and keeping intact the original architectural structure, the Masseria San Domenico has been restored and converted into a refined hotel. The Masseria San Domenico has been in activity since 1996.


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