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Mattioli Engineering Corporation

8300 Greensboro Drive, Suite 800
McLean, VA 22102, USA

Category: Dermatology; Burns & Wound Care

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Mattioli Engineering Corporation is a medical device company that provides state of the art technology to the medical community specifically in the field of dermatology, cosmetic and general surgery. The company was established in1991.

Mattioli Engineering's Dermoelectroporation® technology utilizes the skin's water based channels to allow ionic drug solutions to penetrate due to controlled current pulsed delivered to the patient. Transderm® Ionto system uses Dermoelectroporation® Technology to deliver Ionic drug solution into the body and when connected to Ultrapeel® microdermabrader allows a very efficient transdermal delivery of products.

Mattioli Engineering introduced Ultrapeel® Microdermabrasion Systems are completed by the introduction of the new proprietary Dermoelectroporation® technology thru Transderm® Ionto powered drug delivery system indicated for the local administration of Ionic drug solution into the body for medical purposes. Its product folio includes: Needles Free Injection System®, Ultrapeel® II Microdermabrasion Systems, Dermoelectroporation Transderm® Ionto System, Ultrapeel® Microdermabrasion Systems, Aesthipeel Microdermabrasion Systems, Surgical CO2 laser system, etc.