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MaxCyte, Inc

22 Firstfield Road, Suite 110
Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Category: Drug Delivery

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MaxCyte, Inc is specialized in cell modification technologies to enable the discovery, development, manufacturing, and delivery of therapeutic products. It was founded in 1999 to commercialize flow electroporation technology.

MaxCyte offers its platform technology in two scalable transfection systems, the MaxCyte STX and the MaxCyte GT. Both instruments use its proprietary flow electroporation technology to transfect up to 1010 cells in less than 30 minutes in a computer-controlled, sterile environment. The MaxCyte® STX(TM) leads the way in high performance, high throughput transfection, enabling pre-clinical protein production and awidearray of cost and time effective cell-based assays. The MaxCyte® GT(TM) enables the development of enhanced gene therapy and cell therapeutics by providing unparalleled consistency, scalability, and cell loading transfection efficiencies while avoiding the inherent drawbacks and safety concerns of alternative methods.

MaxCyte's transfection systems are based on a proprietary, fully-scalable electroporation technology. Its electroporation has the unique ability to perform both small- and large-scale transfection of primary cells, stem cells, and cell lines with any molecule(s) of interest including plasmids, mRNA, siRNA, proteins, and cell lysates.

MaxCyte has partnerships with BINEX Co., Ltd, MEDINET Co., Ltd, Sangamo BioSciences Inc, Geron Corporation, Cognate BioServices, Inc. (formerly Cognate Therapeutics, Inc.), Northern Therapeutics Inc., etc.