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Maxim Biotech Inc

1500 East Gude Drive
Rockville, MD 20850, USA

Category: Biotechnology/Biopharmaceutical

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Maxim Biotech Inc is a biotechnology research and development company. Its principle objective is to employ biological processes to develop quality and innovative products for health care and life science. It was founded in July 1992.

Maxim's core technology competency in developing multiplex amplification assay systems affords researchers the opportunity to significantly increase their assay through-put while reducing the time consuming and laborious nature that is typical of many of today's amplification assay systems. Its diverse lines of kits and services are designed to address the limitations and make molecular biology research techniques faster, easier, more cost- effective, and more accessible to researchers working in a broad range of disciplines.

Maxim's products include: Sample Preparation Kits, PCR-Ready cDNAs, Multiplex PCR Kits, PCR Amplification Kits, Dual PCR amplification Kits, Quantitative PCR Kits, FRET Probe and Primer Kits, Active Recombinant Proteins & Antibodies, Molecular & Histochemical reagents.

Maxim's customer services are DNA/RNA preparation, plasmid preparation, primer/probe design, synthesis & optimization, MPCR kits, QCRT-PCR kits, sequencing, cRNA synthesis and molecular gene cloning / expression.

Maxim has alliance with MultiCell Technologies Inc.