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mazze' castle

Via Castello N 10
Mazzè, Piemonte, ITALY
Phone/Fax 011.9835250

Category: Villa&Castle

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The monumental complex was built in XII century over the roman ruins called Castrum Pontem Copacij. The small castle was rebuilt in XIV century as the house of the master, and still it remais. The bigger one, built in XV century as a military quarter, changed after renaissance period in entertainment and guest residence.

Count of Valperga family lived here since XII until XIX century; Brunetta d'Usseaux family lived in from 1850 to 1919; Count Eugenio Brunetta d'Usseaux, while living through Mazzè, Turin and Paris, was the founder of the italian olimpic movement and first general secretary of international olimpic games. The present owner has saved the monument from abandon of the second half of sixties period.


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