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Meso Scale Discovery

9238 Gaither Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20877, USA

Category: Scientific & Technical Instruments

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Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) develops and markets solutions for multiplex biological assays, including assays for biomarkers, cytokines and phosphoproteins. It is a division of Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC.

MSD's platform is based on Multi-Array® technology, a proprietary combination of patterned arrays and electrochemiluminescence detection, enabling large numbers of measurements with exceptional sensitivity, wide dynamic range and convenience. The company's Multi-Spot plates offer arrays within the well for increased throughput and assay multiplexing. Its Discovery Workbench® software provides real-time data visualization for multiplex assays and allow users to create data files for easy export.

MSD's products have been engineered to enable rapid, sensitive, and convenient biological assays for pharmaceutical drug discovery. The company's products include: Assays and Kits - Cell Signaling, Cytokines, Cardiac, Metabolic, Vascular, Fertility, Alzheimer's Disease, Hypoxia, Bone, Assay Development, etc; Instruments - SECTOR® Imager 6000, SECTOR Imager 2400, SECTOR PR 400 and SECTOR PR 100; Reagents - Reagent Kits, Read Buffers, Labeled Reporters, Labeling, Reagents and Whole Cell Lysates; and Plates - Imager 6000 Plates, Imager 2400 Plates, PR 400 Plates and PR 100 Plates.