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Miami, FL

Miami, FL 33173
Miami, Florida, US


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Dear troop,
I have to say i really honestly do appreciate all the things that you do for us. Every day i stand up and pray for you guys in the Pledge of Allegiance. You guys put your lives on the line every single day and don't even complain about it. That takes so much willpower and guts to do it blows my mind. My friend's brother is in the army, his name is Danny Curbelo, maybe you know him? Hopefully you write back, i know its gotta be pretty hard with
the whole war and stuff just remeber that even when you know that there is nothing you can do, that you think everything is over just think that you are as strong as you want to be. Never underestimate yourself in your workplace, in a game of checkers, and even in your daily life. Think of yourself as number 1. YOUR THE BEST!!!
Lucas Perez a baseball playing eighth grader from miami,florida. <3