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Minkon Biotechnology Inc

15875 Gaither Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20877, USA

Category: BioManufacturing; Research Services & Supplies; Suppliers (CRO)

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Minkon Biotechnology Inc is a nutraceutical and pharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative food and health products for obesity prevention and treatment. It was founded by James P. Xu, with a mission to develop and market safe and effective food and health products to improve the lives of overweight and obese people.

Minkon Biotechnology proposes to deliver reliable and efficient weight management products to a market suffering from a shortfall of options. The company's key technology is based on the modulation of body fat metabolism and utilization by directly regulating a key enzyme involved in a metabolic pathway. It has also developed various trade secrets for its nutraceutical and pharmaceutical product development. The company is also developing dietary supplements, food based bioactive ingredients, and pharmaceuticals for the prevention of body fat accumulation.

Minkon Biotechnology's product pipeline includes- pharmaceuticals for obesity, type II diabetes and infertility and nutraceuticals for obesity and cancer prevention. Its nutra-therapeutical products are developed to focus on cancer providing needed bioactive nutrients to speed patient recovery.