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Mogambo Solutions, LLC

1940 Duke St.
Suite 200
Alexandria, VA, US

Category: Legal / Regulatory

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At Mogambo Solutions, our clients count on us to provide high-quality and cost-effective IP research services. Together, we are empowering business and driving innovation.

Every minute of every day, businesses make critical decisions that affect their success. At Mogambo Solutions, our goal is to ensure that success by delivering comprehensive and in-depth information to empower our clients with the knowledge they need to drive their business forward.

From case-by-case prior art searching, to assuming entire patent research functions for our clients, Mogambo Solutions helps the companies we serve to sustain and improve their competitive edge.

In addition to IP law expertise, many of our professionals are former scientists and engineers who have worked with leading companies in the field. This combination of R&D experience, combined with the in-depth knowledge of PTO practice allows Mogambo Solutions to provide unique and highly valuable perspectives for our clients. In addition, our multi-disciplinary approach allows all of our practice groups to utilize specific strengths and expertise of all of our professionals.