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Molino di Giugnano

Molino di Giugnano
Roccastrada, Toscana 58036, IT
Phone +39 0564 577278 - Fax +39 0564 577370

Category: Hotels-Resorts

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The Mill at Giugnano offers you a retreat far away from chaos and traffic, immersed in nature and charcteristics of the Maremma. You can enjoy several walking and biking trails in this quiet setting.
The property of the Mill at Giugnano features many animals; from the beautiful peacock always ready to impress by spreading the colorful tail to the likewise charming geese which are splashing in the nearby river Bai. And of course we have dogs and cats which, contrary to all stories, are living in peace and harmony. Our guests can enjoy our animals and if you don’t wish to be bothered by our animals, we can understand that also. Pets of our guests are welcome if they are not aggressive.


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