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Montaldeo castle

Montaldeo, Piemonte, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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Village to the abbey of Saint Marziano di Tortona. To that Montaldeo time it was still one marks obertenga that it belonged to the jurisdiction of the marquises of Gavi. The particular geographic position is the motivation of the first participations of fortification of the village that came entire reconstructed in 1271, after that it was razed to the ground from the genovesi in 1224. The village subsequently passed in the hands of the marquises of the Monferrato but in 1431 it was occupied and conquered from Francisco It strains for the duchi of Milan. In that period they began the jobs of construction of the castle, than today building with small towers is introduced like an imposing angle irons, with inner rich it furnishes to you and with ancient collections of crews. The basements with the prisons snodano as intricati mazes adapted to suggest storys of ghosts, as the popular legends narrate and the history in some way supports; in fact, in 1443, the castle passed to Gian Galeazzo Trots, exponent of an ancient family alessandrina, than divenne famous for the "massacre of the Trots" in 1528, caused from the continuous vessazioni to which the feudatario it forced the local population. In the 1531 castle and the divennero village property of the Doria, then of Napoleone and finally of the Savoia. Period of opening. The castle is visitabile between the month of May and October in the period of the manifestation of "Opened Castles, travel in lands of the low Piemonte". Information. 15060 Montaldeo (Alexandria); tel: 0143.849121. For ulterior relative information to the opening days, visits guided and hour to address to ASSOCIATION HIGH MONFERRATO, c/o Town hall of Ovada, via Turin n. 69, OVADA, tel. 0143.822102.


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