Musei Mazzucchelli

Viale della Resistenza
Mazzano, Lombardia 25080, IT
Phone: 030-2120975- Fax: 030-2120603

Category: Villa&Castle

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The Villa is sited in Ciliverghe in a strategic position between Brescia and the Garda lake, has been declared national monument. Its cultural and artistic value has been improved by the scenographic “pronao”, unique in the whole regional territory, with an evident influence of the “palladian” style, for whose construction had been used six columns coming from the ancient church of San Pietro de Dom. The tympanum is decorated by the statues of Minerva, Diana and Apollo, probably belonging to Antonio Callegari, while the roof is limited by two obelisks. The construction and decoration of the villa are due to Federico Mazzucchelli and his son Gianmaria, famous man of literature of the XVIIIth century. In 1772 Federico Mazzucchelli purchased the XVIth century house of the noble family Maggi, adding it the central body and the western part. The son Gianmaria led the works to the end at the end of 1753. Apart the villa, it is possible to visit the fashion and image museum, together with the corkscrew museum.


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