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NeuroNascent, Inc.

6030 Day Break Circle, A150 - PMB244
Clarksville, MD, USA

Category: Biotechnology/Biopharmaceutical

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NeuroNascent, Inc. is focused on discovering and developing therapies for depression, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other neurodegenerative diseases based on the science of neurogenesis that: reduce the loss of neurons, restore and replace damaged neurons, promote the formation of new neurons and reverse cognitive loss. It was founded in 2004 by Judith Kelleher-Andersson.

NeuroNascent's technology platform is based on neurogenesis and hibernation. It aims to enhance neurogenesis to promote greater numbers of mature neurons that will subsequently promote cognitive improvements in patients with Alzheimer's disease, depression, or Parkinson's disease.

NeuroNascent's unique drug discovery platform is used to identify active compounds that promote increased numbers of mature neurons from neuronal progenitor cells in a cell culture system. These compounds will be developed into small-molecule therapeutics for patients with: Alzheimer's disease (AD), Depression, Parkinson's disease, Down syndrome, and Ischemia.

NeuroNascent has partnerships with ChemRar Pharma, ChemDiv, Inc., University of Maryland, The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB), Lifeline Cell Technology and International Stem Cell Corporation.