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Novoste Corporation

P.O. Box 315
Springfield, VA, USA

Category: Medical Devices

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Novoste Corporation is a medical device company engaged in development of advanced medical treatments for coronary and vascular diseases.

Novoste focuses on vascular brachytherapy - radiation therapy delivered inside a blood vessel to prevent its reclosure (restenosis) following balloon angioplasty and other catheter-based interventional procedures. The company's products include: Novoste(TM) Beta-Cath(TM) 3.5F system, a vascular brachytherapy catheter developed to maximize lesion access and minimize flow restriction; Novoste(TM) Beta-Cath(TM) 5F system, to treat patients suffering from in-stent restenosis, a condition in which coronary stents become blocked with new tissue growth; etc. It has participated in clinical trials for development of START Trial, START 40 Trial, Beta-CathT system trial, etc. The company's Medical services department provides information regarding vascular brachytherapy and use of Novoste products.

Novoste has distribution agreement with Orbus Medical Technologies.