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Nu Aeon

88 Wharf St
Salem, MA 01970, US

Category: Magick and New Age

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Through its wholesale and retail mail-order businesses, and now through this web store, White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products distributes authentic items created by skilled artists, artisans and alchemists who are Pagans, Witches, and in many cases, elders in the North American magickal community. Thousands of stores, mail-order businesses, home based faire merchants and other retailers comprise the wholesale client base of WLP/SSP. Nu Aeon Incorporated is the "bricks and mortar" Home of White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products and its retail showroom and magick store. Located in Salem, Massachusetts at 88 Wharf Street, Pickering Wharf, Nu Aeon is a colorful and elegant shop with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere featuring the entire collection of White Light Pentacles’ products, books, statuary, tarot cards, crystals and gemstones, candles, etc. as well as one of a kind works of magickal art.