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NuVue Therapeutics, Inc. (NVT) (formerly Critical Care Innovations, Inc.)

11135 Sedgefield Road
Fairfax, VA 22030, USA

Category: Drug Delivery

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NuVue Therapeutics, Inc. (NVT) (formerly Critical Care Innovations, Inc.) is a biotechnology-driven medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of an integrated technology platform for the comprehensive management of soft tissue cancers. Its vision is to always believe in the ability to survive the odds through innovative products dedicated to the continued creation of long-term survival rates. It was incorporated in 1999 as Critical Care Innovations, Inc. and in 2008 its name has been changed to NuVue Therapeutics, Inc.

NVT developed, and brings to market, a totally new and innovative image-guided, site-specific, drug and cryothermally mediated, regimen of cancer therapy for soft tissue tumors. Its platform technologies include: enhanced ultrasound guided visualization, advanced microcapsulated technology and cryotherapeutics technology. Its enhanced ultrasound guided visualization platform technology consists of patented methods and devices for making minimally invasive medical instruments show up brightly under use of Doppler Ultrasound with the ability to be visualized in real-time during any soft tissue medical procedure. Advanced microcapsulated technology consists of patented methods for making miniaturized polymeric microencapsulated capsules with inherently robust biologics capable of delivering diagnostic and therapeutic agents in the body.

NVT's cryotherapeutics technology consists of patented and proprietary methods of using cryotherapeutics - the cooling of tissues for therapeutic purposes. The company has combined its technologies into a novel and proprietary disruptive format of cancer therapy, NuVue's Site-Specific Regimen of Cancer Therapy(TM). It has developed three product lines from its technology platform to fulfill existing unmet clinical needs: 1) NuVue ColorMark(TM) biopsy needles; 2) NuVue BrightMark(TM) tissue site markers; and 3) NuVue CryoChemoAblation(TM) system of soft-tissue cancer therapeutics.