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NYS United Teachers Building

30 N Union St
Rochester, NY 14607, US

Category: Meeting Site

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Rochester Labor History eMap

The New York State United Teachers have owned this building since 1995. Tenants include the Rochester Labor Council, AFL-CIO, and the Rochester Teachers Association.
The Rochester Labor Council is the offspring of the Workingmen’s Assembly of Rochester, begun by 1863. Founding unions included the Typographers, Iron Molders, Cutters, Carpenters and Joiners, and Painters. Within their first year they added the machinists, coopers, tinsmiths, tailors, and shoemakers. The Rochester Central Trades Council received its charter from the American Federation of Labor in 1888 and by 1913 represented 60 local unions. Today, the 125 unions affiliated with the Rochester Labor Council, AFL-CIO represent 60,000 working women and men.
When public employees in New York State won collective bargaining rights in 1967 with the passage of the Taylor Law, the New York State Teachers Association, a predecessor of NYSUT, established offices in key cities, such as Rochester, to provide support and direct services to local teachers‚ unions. Rochester NYSUT labor relations specialists assist local unions of teachers and educational support staff in an eight county area with negotiations, grievances, arbitrations, organizing, unemployment insurance hearings, health and safety issues, discipline and discharge matters, political action, etc.
The Rochester Teachers Association negotiated its first contract with the City School District in 1965 and today has a membership of over 4000.