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Orlando, FL 32837, US

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Orlando, FL Golf Vacations by GolfZoo

***This location is representative of where these homes are - not at this exact location***. When you come to Orlando to play golf, the only thing you have to worry about is which club to use on that dogleg right you just know is waiting for you. When you stay in one of our excellent Orlando vacation homes, these are the questions that you already have the answers to:

Will each of us get a great night's sleep in our own beds?
Will there be enough bathrooms to share so that we don't have to rush to our tee times?
Will the fridge be large enough to hold everyone's favorite after-golf beverage?
Will the kitchen handle cooking in, take out or meals prepared by a personal chef?
Will there be a clean, refreshing pool for us to cool off in after our long golf days?
Will the poolside spa that I requested be as relaxing as I think it will be?
Will the massage that I ordered be as good as promised?

All of the homes are equipped to handle your golf group so that you get to maximize your playing time and also get the credit for planning a most magnificent golf vacation! You tell us what amenities you'd like your vacation home to have and we'll find the perfect home(s) for you. If you want the fridge stocked, the BBQ in place and your personal chef or masseuse scheduled - whatever it is you need, we will take care of it for you.


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