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Otsuka Maryland Medicinal Laboratories, Inc. (OMML)

2440 Research Boulevard
Rockville, MD 20850, USA

Category: Research Services & Supplies

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Otsuka Maryland Medicinal Laboratories, Inc. (OMML) is dedicated to develop innovative healthcare products that address unmet medical needs in various therapeutic areas. The company was established as Maryland Research Laboratories (MRL) and later became Otsuka Maryland Medicinal Laboratories, LLC in 2003 and was incorporated as a separate entity in January 2007.

OMML is the research center for investigating pharmacological actions of Otsuka's compounds. The company conducts basic research to support global clinical studies and engaged in drug discovery in conjunction with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Japan. Its research and development areas include: Cardiology, Cell Therapy, Molecular Research and Technology, Neuroscience, Phosphodiesterase (PDE) and Thrombosis. The company applies cutting-edge molecular biology technologies such as lentivirus-based RNA interference in the discovery of novel therapeutic entities. This includes new technology development, functional gene discovery and drug target identification, high throughput screening assay development, and novel mechanism of action exploration of pipeline compounds, for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular and thrombotic disorders.

OMML's cardiology research is involved in developing novel pharmaceuticals to treat cardiovascular diseases. Its cell therapy research is involved in exploratory research projects investigating the use of neurostem cell technology in the area of neurodegenerative diseases. The company performs non-clinical experiments in neuroscience to discover and develop novel central nervous system therapeutic treatments for neuropsychiatric diseases including schizophrenia and depression. It develops anti-thrombotic molecules as potential therapeutic drugs for coronary artery diseases. The company also performs functional studies to develop monoclonal antibodies and small molecules which could inhibit the interaction of platelets with the vessel wall to prevent occlusion of the coronary artery.

OMML is a subsidiary of Otsuka America, Inc. (OAI), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.