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Palazzo del Capo

Via C.Colombo, 5
Cittadella del Capo, Calabria 87020, IT
+39098295674 Fax +39 0982 95676

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The Palace, built in various phases, from XI to XVIII century, secular residence of the Family of the Dukes De Aloe, recently opened to the visitors, after a wise and accurate work of restoration, is a new meeting point with special carachteristics. When convivial receiving, matrimony, recurrence, and the occasion of spending holidays and giving hospitality must leave a sign, the Palace offers an authentic atmosphere for discovering man's finest pleasure of rituals, gestures and particulars. A warm and intact hospitality, the elegance of the halls, furnished with furniture of antique trade, the welcoming bar and the other places of relax allow guests to spend very pleasant days of vacation. A restaurant hall and a meeting hall, furnished with a very refined taste allow for the organization of special events. The spacious rooms with radio, TV, telephone, air condition, safe, fridge bar, ancient furniture and confortable beds with blankets of linen continue the inchantment. The cooking is offered in many version: from the international dishes to the numerous local specialties, all accompanied by the esteemed wines of the cellar. The Palace, on the top of an illimited extension of blue sea and a green glance of the surrounding mountains is a real surprise for those who want to taste the joy of living, the warm rhythm of the vacation in the enchanting scenery of the Bay of Capo Bonifati. Solemn and enchanting, on the spur of a rock vertically on the sea of Magna Grecia, watched over by the severe mass of a Spanish tower….in the 17th century residence of a family of Calabrian "Gattopardi". Five halls which possess the "charme" of the decks of a vessel, domineering on the open sea. Fifteen fascinating rooms and three suites which don't have a number, but only a name…."Donna Nicoletta","Donna Enrica"…. furnished with measure and taste, in which the guest feels himself immediatly attracted due to the sight offered by the open balconies. A large flowered garden, crowned by noble palm-trees and kissed by the sun from dawn to sunset. An irresistible invitation to make a stop, to taste, in an atmosphere of rare splendour, a long tradition of elegance and prestige, in order to re-live the fascination of the culture, art and hospitability another time.


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