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Palazzo Gonzaga Guerrieri

Via Beata Paola, 15
Volta Mantovana, Lombardia 46049, IT
Phone: + 39 0376 839431/32- Fax: 0376839439

Category: Villa&Castle

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Built by order of the wife of Ludovico Gonzaga, Barbara, during the second half of 1400, is the result of various works of reconstruction which have suited the building to the changing needs of the utilizers during the various historical ages. The original structure is still visible together with the successive works made by the Guerrieri family who stayed there until 1800 and enriched it by means of decorations and the garden. In the XIX century the Palace come back to Gonzaga di Vescovato family, cadet branch of the most famous Mantova owners and in the 1992 it became site of Volta Mantovana’s Municipality. After a period during which was let fall into decay, the Palace has been recently restored in order to show the various interventions made during several centuries, and opened to visitors becoming a cultural center involving the life of the village.


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