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Palazzo Marchesale del Balzo

Piazza Regina Elena
Cervinara, Campania 83012, IT
Tel: Cervinara 0824-844451- Roma 06-9049410 - Cell: 348 5108195

Category: Villa&Castle

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The building rises imposing, on the side north of the great public square Queen Elena the plant dominates and it for the entire length of approximately 90 mt is to C with great court centers them the fourth side of the rectangular court is closed for half from the country house, annexed originally to the palace, and for half from a wall with the income to the rear garden. The palace is constituted from two parts, easy distinguibili in facade: the left wing of who watches, is more ancient and laughed them to the 1581 that to right, higher and more recent it is than great beauty. It was constructed in the first half of seventeenth sec. from Francisco Caracciolo.


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