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Palazzo Salis

Tirano, Lombardei, ITALY
Phone: 0342-710288 / 0342-710335

Category: Villa&Castle

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Tirano palace, one of the most important of Valtellina, presents late XVIth century facade, limited by two towers and with a “barocco” central portal made on a project of Vignola. At the entrance there is a portico leading to the suggestive garden “all’italiana”. Inside the palace, the Scalone is very interesting, together with the Salone d’Onore and the so-called Saloncello. The longe has a ceiling with frescoes of the XVIIIth century probably belonging to the artist Cucchi. The Saloncello has a very interesting fresco, of the XVIIIth century and a barocco fireplace, with decorations representing the weapons of the families Salis and Wolkenstein. Nowaday, the are two lounges opened to the public, that overlook an ancient courtyard, called “Corte dei Cavalli”.