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Palazzo Torri

Via S. Eufemia 5 Nigoline
Brescia, Lombardei, ITALY
Phone: + 39 030 9826200 / 335 5467191-Fax: + 39 030 9828247

Category: Villa&Castle

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It has been built in the heart of the Franciacorta region and it is located amongst the morenic hills of the Iseo's Lake, famous for its vineyards. The original construction was erected in the 17th century to protect the proprietors from the frequent incursions of the bandits. Today it is inhabited and it appears as a very nice place called "villa di delizie", with the original furniture and the decorations of the eighteenth century. Paolina Torri Calegari, at the end of the nineteenth century, was the promoter of an artistic coterie which gave ospitality to very famous persons such as Carducci, Fogazzaro, Lembach, Zanardelli and Bonomelli's bishop. Torri's Palace is still today a center of cultural activities, thanks to the activity of the Cortefranca Cultural Association.


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