Panzano 's Castle

Via Nino Bixio
Panzano Mo, Italy, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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Of probable roman and developed origin in barbaric age, remembered in several documents to leave from the XI° Panzano century it was lordship of the Firidolfi and for centuries it was the popoloso center of the Alloy of Val di Greve. Consequently also it was fortified and this affirmation is confirmed from the remarkable rests of the castle that was constructed, probably from the Ricasoli Firidolfi little after those of Montegrossi and Brolio, around the cassero ones of feudale age. Some historical dates: from the 1260 Panzano it comes been involved in the wars between Florence and Siena (with consequent endured pillage to work of the Senesi), in 1397 it comes attacked from the conduct Viscontee troops from Alberico from Barbiano and in 1478 it endures l'assedio combined from part of the Senesi and of theirs it allies to you Neapolitan.


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