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Parabon NanoLabs

11260 Roger Bacon Dr.
Reston, VA, USA

Category: Nanotechnology

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Parabon NanoLabs (PNL) is a nano-pharmaceutical company that develops novel therapeutics using its proprietary Essemblix(TM) Drug Design Platform, a powerful combination of computer-aided design (CAD) software for designing macromolecules and nanoscale fabrication technology for their production. It was founded by Steven Armentrout, Michael Norton, and Christopher Dwyer. The company is a subsidiary of Parabon Computation, Inc.

Parabon has developed a CAD (computer-aided design) application, called inSequio(TM), which facilitates the design and sequencing of therapeutic nanostructures using grid-scale supercomputing capacity. Utilizing this revolutionary technology, the company has developed proprietary macromolecules for several domain areas including: Nano-sensors for bioweapons defense, Nano-arrays for DNA biometrics and Nano-additives for consumer products. The company also provides custom nano-design and nano-manufacturing services.

Parabon's partners include: Parabon Computation and National Science Foundation. The company also provides custom nano-design and nano-fabrication services.