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PARK(ing) Day Everett

2800 Grand Ave.
Everett, WA, USA

Category: PARKs

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PARK(ing) Day 2009 Map

Volunteers from the Transition Everett group will create a park(ing) space in the 2800 block of Grand Ave near the Sno-Isle Co-op. Anyone in the downtown area is encouraged to stop by between 9am and 3pm to participate. The space will feature garden box planters and locally grown produce. There will also be a place for visitors to sit and engage in discussion. The garden theme of the temporary park is intended to demonstrate the potential of using a small space for food production rather than its normal daily function of being a parking spot. In most metropolitan areas around seventy percent of public land is dedicated to private vehicles. Visitors to the temporary park will be reminded that the allocation of space for autos has an opportunity cost as well as a financial cost to Everett residents. Organizers hope people will think about that and engage in a neighborly discussion about how the use of public land can better reflect our community values and vision.