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PharmAthene, Inc.

One Park Place
Suite 450
Annapolis, MD, USA

Category: Biological Defense; Biotechnology/Biopharmaceutical

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PharmAthene, Inc. is a biodefense company developing and commercializing medical products to counter biological and chemical weapons. It was founded in March 2001, with mission to become the premier company worldwide specializing in the development and rapid commercialization of best-in-class medical countermeasures for the biodefense industry. The company's subsidiary is PharmAthene Canada Inc.

PharmAthene's products include: SparVax(TM), is a novel second generation recombinant protective (rPA) anthrax vaccine for the protection against inhalation anthrax; Valortim® is a fully human monoclonal antibody antitoxin for the treatment of anthrax infection, including inhalation anthrax; Protexia® is a recombinant human butyrylcholinesterase for the prevention and treatment of Nerve Agent Toxicity; and rPA anthrax vaccine, etc.

PharmAthene has collaborations with Medison Pharma Ltd., GTC Biotherapeutics Inc, Nexia Biotechnologies Inc., Medarex Inc, etc. It has acquired Avecia Biodefense Vaccines Business Unit in March 2008.