Piccolomini 's Castle

Balsorano, Abruzzo, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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The castle is placed on the top of a height near the left river of the Liras river, in proximity of Goes them Roveto, in beautifulst the landscaped context. Therefore as they admire today, it was erected, on the foundations of an other ancient and diruta structure, from Antonio Piccolomini, grandson of Pope Pio II, around to year 1460, than of it it assumed also the barony. The Piccolomini stopped the possession of the fine castle at the beginning of 1700 when the family extinguished itself and the barony of Balsorano passed under the dominion of the baron Head, roman nobleman whose descendants riapparentarono, later on, with the Piccolomini descendants. From Testa-Piccolomini, the castle and the lands before passed to the French possidente Carl Lefebvre, then to don Pedro Alvarez of the Toledo, marquis of Casafuerte, until 1929, when they came acquires to you from the Fiastri-Zannelli family, which, of it maintain still the property. The imposing building introduces like one poderosa structure in stone, equipped of several doors of access, di.le which the main one is raggiungibile on foot from the rigoglioso park. It has a irregular pentagonal plant with circular towers to the angles and rear coronamento, than of it they emphasize still the ancient military function. More incline instead to dictates me of the dwelling gentilizia is the elegant courtyard to "L" with sink to the center, embellished from arched double lancet windows and. The inner spaces are in part alter to you from the restoration carried out in years thirty of XX the century, as a result of the devastating earthquake of 1915, but still conserves antichi elements of great suggestion. The castle of Balsorano, property of the Fiastri-Zannelli family, today is managed from the Society of the Castles of Italy, on model of the castles of France and England, and has been transformed in a hotel-restaurant. Information: Hotel Castle of Balsorano, tel. 0863-951236


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