Pio ' s Palace

Piazza Martiri
Carpi, Emilia Romagna 41012, IT
tel. 059 649955-fax 059 649976

Category: Villa&Castle

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The noble apartment, that it constitutes the more prestigious part of the Museum of the Palace, opens to the public to December 2006. The atmospheres introduce a new distance of visit that develops to two plans of reading parallels and integrated. From a part the decorations frescoed on the walls of know them, dated between the half of the 1400's and the first years of the 1500's, are work of Giovanni of Sega and Bernardino Loschi, painters of court of Devout Alberto III are exposed the works of the museale collection Here realized from the two painters and of other kind, but relative to the rinascimentale culture to Carpi.


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