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Piovera castle

Piovera, Piemonte, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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Big construction puts into effect them castle of Piovera is one in which they melt the ancient one together and the modern one. It is the result of radical transformations, happened in the course of the centuries, of the ancient "Castrum Pioperae", cited in manuscripts to leave from X the century. The origins of the castle go back to the times of Carl Magno and its function was - nearly that one to only guarantee the emergency of the near ways of communication and protect the populations of the zone from pregifts. Later on the fortress was outpost of the feudo local, to the border with existing warlike others feudi on the opposite side of the Tanaro river. The original structure of the fortilizio, only been born with requirement of solidity and military efficiency, came totally renew in the course of the centuries, to second of the enforced necessities. In particular during the period of the Spanish domination (the 1500-1600) work of transformation of the fort was radical, having itself to adapt it to residence. The Spanish feudatari of the lineages of De Santez, Guzman and Homodei placed you hand at first, then the Balbi of Genoa, successory they. Many restorations and modifications to the structures of the Castle became necessary also in consequence of the war destructions of the century seventeenth. Several times it was occupied militarily: to made the greater damages they were the franc-savoiardi, which, in November 1653, for nine days plundered it and finally they united set afire it to the houses of the village. Between the works building of the remained Castle the only one in part to the state of origin is the tower situated in theSud-Est angle: around to 1950 it threatened to distruction in the body centers them and to collapse.
Open:1° May; Sunday from 20 May to 29 October 2006; all the year on reservation for groups close:on sunday 9 July; 13-20-27 August; 15 August; Timetable: 15,30-19,00


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