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Princely Court in Targoviste

Justitiei,nr 7
Targoviste, Romania 130060, RO

Category: Villa&Castle

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About 80 Km Northwest of Bucharest in the Southwestern Transylvanian Alps is the town of Targoviste. The capital of feudal Walachia from 14th to the 17th century. It was here where Michael the Brave was bought after he was murdered; he is now kept in a monastery near by called Dealu Monastery.

The main attraction of Targoviste is the famous “Princely Court”, known as Vlad Tepes (Dracula) real palace. He lived here for 7 years as the ruler of Walachia. This was Vlad’s longest period of power and during that time he committed many atrocities. Most accounts documented about he’s actions were greatly exaggerated because they were written by his enemies at that time. The palace is now in ruins with only parts of the walls still intact but next to the palace you can find the watch tower and a church which in contrast is still completely intact. From the tower is a great view of the palace. The church is were Vlad attended at that time, inside is a very impressive interior filled with wood carved furniture and paintings and sculptures all over the walls.

If you take a walk through the town you will find statues of Vlad that prove he was a very important person to Romania because of his great military exploits against the Ottoman Turks who over ran most of Southeastern Europe.


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