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Protein Potential LLC

9800 Medical Center Drive, street A209
Rockville, MD, USA

Category: Research Services & Supplies

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Protein Potential LLC provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and government and academic institutions with high quality, purified recombinant proteins and DNA plasmids for research and development. It also provides process development, documentation, and technological know-how to transition therapeutic, vaccine, and diagnostic proteins and DNA plasmids to large scale cGMP manufacture.

Protein Potential's services include: Gene cloning and vector construction, clone screening and selection, strain development and expression optimization, strain improvement and expression enhancement, cell bank preparation and characterization, bioreactor fermentation production and optimization, purification process development, analytical assay development, etc. The company's services are: custom-tailored to meet the needs of industry, academic and government researchers. Each project is uniquely designed depending on the client's needs, resources and ability to collaborate.

Protein Potential's competitive advantage is its experience and capabilities to rapidly and efficiently take newly discovered molecules through all of the steps required to initiate a clinical trial. These include initial protein expression, enhanced protein expression, process development for cGMP manufacture, development of analytical assays, transition to a cGMP site, and other processes for investigational new drug (IND) enabling studies. It manufactures, develops and conducts validated assays required to release vaccines for clinical use and assess their immunogenicity in humans (Protein Potential service packages).

Protein Potential has established a research and development program to produce intellectual property and DNA and protein products. It has initiated a program to produce vaccines for SARS, dengue fever, tularemia, Plasmodium falciparum malaria and Plasmodium vivax malaria.

Protein Potential has partnerships with National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health and The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.