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QuadraMed Corporation

12110 Sunset Hills Road
Reston, VA, USA

Category: Healthcare Facilities & Services

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QuadraMed Corp develops and provides information technology solutions to healthcare organizations to leverage quality care into positive financial outcomes. It was founded in 1993 with the goal of assisting healthcare providers to improve productivity, ensure regulatory and legal compliance, and enhance the quality of patient care and safety.

QuadraMed provides following solutions - 1) QuadraMed Access Management: through this solutions, patients and resources are identified accurately at every entry point to a healthcare enterprise; 2) QuadraMed Smart Identity Management: provides a comprehensive identity management program; 3) QuadraMed Care Management: Its Electronic Health Record (EHR) provides integrated, workflow-driven solutions to enable clinicians to organize and manage patient care activities, access patient information and document the care they provide; 4) QuadraMed Health Information Management: The Health Information Management (HIM) solutions enable healthcare organizations to efficiently manage information critical to all processes within their facility and 5) QuadraMed Patient Revenue Management: are designed to facilitate timely, accurate and complete billing.

QuadraMed's products include - 1) Patient Access: QuadraMed Enterprise Scheduling, Access Management Web solutions, MediKiosk, EDI, Precise ID etc.; 2) Identity Management: SmartScan, MPIspy, SmartMerge, SmartID, MPI Professional Services, Affinity Precise ID etc.; 3) HIM: Electronic Document Management, Abstracting, Inpatient Compliance, Outpatient Compliance, Facility Coding, Correspondence Management, Encoder Product Suite and VIP Compliance suite, etc.; 4) Care Management: The company's Computerized Patient Record (CPR) is a key component of QuadraMed's Care-Based Revenue Cycle(TM) solutions. It provides clinical decision support tools, patient data reporting modules, and secure access to patient clinical information and 5) Patient Revenue: Patient Revenue Management solutions are designed to facilitate timely, accurate and complete billing which include Workflow suite, Contract Management, Central Business Office, InSight etc.

QuadraMed has collaborations with Inova Health System, Medcath Corp, Baylor Health Care System, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Brecon Pharmaceuticals Ltd, AmerisourceBergen Corp etc.