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Quality Biological, Inc.

7581 Lindbergh Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20879, USA

Category: Scientific & Technical Instruments

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Quality Biological, Inc. is engaged in providing products for the molecular biology laboratory (including buffers, and RNA and DNA reagents) and for the cell biology laboratory (including traditional cell culture media the QBSF® range of serum-free media, and products for stem cell culture research and hematopoiesis research). The company was founded in 1983.

Quality Biological's products are categorized into: Amresco Chemicals, Mallinckrodt Baker, Chemicals Sales, Product Promotions, Bacteriological Plates, Bioservices, Bulk Solutions, Cell Culture Media, Custom Manufacture, Fetal Bovine Serum, Gloves, Labware & Equipment, Glassware, Molecular Biology, Non Fat Dry Milk, Special Productions, Stem Cell Media, etc. Its Molecular Biology Products include: Bacteriological Media & Additives, Buffers, Concentrated Stock Solutions, Reagents for Electrophoresis, Salts, minerals and sugars, Solutions for Nucleic Acid Blotting & Hybridization and Protein Blotting and Microarray buffers.

Quality Biological has agreements with JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH and TheraCode GmbH.