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Real Palace

Via Balbi, 10
Genova, Liguria 16126, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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The "Galleria of Reale" Palace; it is a museum-residence: in fact of a dwelling of great prestige conserve the nature, the furnishings, the works d'arte, the objects d'uso. Its eccezionalità is, beyond that in the extraordinary importance of pictures and frescoes, nell'ottimo be conservativo dell'Appartamento, reached in first years twenty the Federal property of the State without to have endured substantial removals in the furnishings and then gradually restored from the two Soprintendenze from Liguria with sages and calibrates participations to you of its decorative apparatus and the collections. E', therefore, one "casa", of which it can be still felt the breath and the vitalità, than with satisfaction we introduce the more and more numerous and interested visitors. In order to accompany we have them in the last years predisposed some initiatives: the guided visits, l'apparato didactic of know them and one small guide of the Gallery.


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