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Remington Hot Springs

Sequoia National Forest, California, USA

Category: Hot Springs-soakable

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With the Forest Service's stated intent on removing these hot springs, local users and hot springs lovers have started a drive to petition the Forest Service to reconsider and have their concerns addressed. You can help . . .

Hot Spring lovers know how rare and precious Natural Hot Springs are.

Unfortunately the Forest Service is considering demolishing the Remington Hot Springs, which have been beautifully maintained by Friends of the Remington Hot Spring volunteers for over 10 years.

Local residents and others are ready willing and able to address any valid concerns the Forest Service may have, but right now we need your help.

In just TWO MINUTES you can help by submitting a letter using pre-drafted comments or your own comments, which will be hand delivered to the Sequoia National Forest voicing your support for keeping the Historic Natural Remington Hot Springs open to the public.

Click the link below to submit your comment letter and thank you for taking action to help keep the Remington Hot Springs from possibly being destroyed.

Your Friends at Save The Trails

Location is purposefully ambiguous to cut down on increased disrespect and partying.

Hidden along the old canyon road is a trail that leads to Remington Hot Springs. This area provides hot springs that flow at 115 degrees along a shaded stretch of the river. No development remains other that three cement tubs. The tubs are directly at the river's edge amid stately oak tress. A hiking trail across the road heads up Remington Ridge to Breckenridge Mountain.

Clothing-optional is the norm.


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