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Republic's Palace

Category: Sightseeing

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Passing through the door, on which stands a painting by Vincent Suarez, opens the Unknown Soldier Square on whose right side is the Palace of the Republic (XIV century), now the City Hall. The building has undergone several transformations: the first in 1797 which was followed by others between 1820 and 1850. Living in the council chamber are preserved three frescoes of religious subjects of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries., Detached from the base of the Tower of St. John and the last flag of the Republic (1788), on which is painted the Madonna and Saints. Eugene and Paragorio, protectors dlla city. This flag was hoisted on top of the tower in the great feasts. In a niche carved into the wall, are cineraria, from the former church of Santa Margherita, several "Mascoli" (firecrackers) for the shooting of barrels during the celebrations, and a characteristic wooden urn used for voting by the Council of the Republic. Under the Town Hall, the Lodge of the Republic (XIV-XV), obtained with the porch of the first floors of homes outpaced the walls of the city. Runs parallel to Italy during Dante square, opening on the left lanes. In the first section collected some stones, which resemble characters and historical events.