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Rocca di Bergamo

Piazza Mercato del Fieno, 6
Bergamo, Lombardia 24129, IT
Phone: 035-247116-Fax: 035-219128

Category: Villa&Castle

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The modern structure of the rock was made between 1331 and 1336, a dungeon with a rectangular base, with four square towers around the corners, linked together with walkways and with ghibelline battlement. The complex was finished by Azzone Visconti, that overtakes the city in 1332. It was the beginning of a 96 years-long hard dominion of the Visconti family over the area. In 1814, with the arrival of the Austrians in Lombardia , the rock becomes one of the quarter of the troops charged with the control of the area. The liberation of Bergamo from the Austrians, made by Garibaldi on the 8th of June 1859, is the entrance of the town into the Italian territory. In 1927 the nearby park was dedicated to the soldiers dead during the First World War, considered in a way the forth independence war. During the following years inside the ex school of bombardiers takes place the Museum of the Risorgimento, enlarged after the Second War with a section dedicated to the Resistance


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