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Rochester Teachers

131 W Broad St
Rochester, NY 14614, US

Category: Labor Struggles

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From 1926 to 1979 the Rochester City School District Board of Education was housed at the Academy Building, constructed in 1872-73 at 13 South Fitzhugh Street. District offices were moved to West Broad Street in 1979. At this site teachers waged an eight-day contract struggle in 1980.
The Rochester Teachers Association, formed in 1894, had, in 1978, accepted a contract that provided few improvements in deference to the District’s contention that there were severe budget constraints. In 1980 the District showed a $5.3 million surplus and RTA expected to redress their earlier concessions. The District, however, proposed unacceptable contract terms.
Outraged at the District’s offer, the members of RTA went on strike in September 1980, forcing the closure of all city schools. Despite a New York State public sector labor law provision that penalizes striking workers two days pay for each day out, Rochester teachers, teacher aides, and substitute teachers were unified.
After 8 days of strike activity, the union persuaded the District to reconsider its position and a settlement was reached that granted improved wages and benefits.


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