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Roncade castle-B&B

Via Roma, 141
Roncade, Veneto 31056, IT
Phone: +39/ (0)422 708736-F. +39/ (0)422 840964

Category: Villa&Castle

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The ‘Castello di Roncade’ is one of the best example of rural culture found in Venetian society. Situated in a picturesque town found in the Treviso province a few minutes from the Veneto province.
Entering the ‘Castello di Roncade’ immerses you into a fairly tale like environment. The majestic complexity of it’s features capture perfectly a time gone by. The main fortifications have stood the test of time well. Found between the town Church and the historical center of Roncade, it is the only Venetian Villa found with in medieval walls. The walls seem to embrace the vast gardens. A moat, similar to those found in stories from the times of knights, embraces the medieval walls with its splendid features. At each of the four corners you have the four towers that dominate the landscape, while at the entrance you see the two donjons that have the double sided eagle of the Giustinian.
In a short period of time the ‘Castello di Roncade’ has made a name for itself even as a site for holding wedding parties, exhibitions and all kids of events. From conferences to weddings the ‘Castello’ offers large conference rooms in a warm and elegant environment set along the wine ambiance that lends itself to formal or informal events. These rooms have already been used with the collaboration of a variety of caterers and agencies that can adapt to whatever the requirement from the guests. The facilities are suited for four types of events: the covered arcade, two large rooms above the wine cellar or the large and elegant main room of the Villa. A large area of the ancient wine cellar is able to hold up to 200 guests. Here have been hosted events and parties by famous guests that have made Roncade known in international and world wide newspapers and fashion or culinary magazines. The natural beauty and historical value that is found in the buildings set a framework for an ideal and unforgettable setting. In the end the wine may not be the only attraction one can find at the ‘Castello di Roncade’.It may be seen as negative in defining the experience and hospitality found at the ‘Castello di Roncade’ as just a Bed and Breakfast. The high quality and professionalism found at the ‘Castello’ gives and extremely comfortable setting, making even the most critical of guests feel ‘at home’. Everything has been chosen and selected with the highest level of style and elegance. At the heart of the decoration and style is the Baroness Ilaria Ciani Bassetti herself, wife of Vincenzo and mother to Claudio. Even the breakfast buffet gives the guests the perfect opportunity to taste the local culinary products.

The apartments found at this medieval sight are all equipped with modern furnishings. In winter the central heating keeps the apartments at a warm and pleasant temperature, while in summer the thick walls of the towers themselves keep the apartments naturally cool. Whichever season you select, the enchantment of the ‘Castello’ will take you through a visit in time.


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