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Royer Biomedical Inc

4580 Mack Avenue
Frederick, MD 21703, USA

Category: Biomaterials & Tissue Regeneration

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Royer Biomedical Inc is engaged in developing novel products utilizing its proprietary drug delivery matrices. The company was founded in 1997 by Garfield Royer as Buford Biomedical, Inc and changed its name to Royer Biomedical Inc in December 2000. Its wholly owned subsidiary is Royer Animal Health LLC.

Royer Biomedical's R-Gel, and Matrix III are distinct technology platforms, each being bio-resorbable, and with the ability to provide a localized, controlled release of drugs over a broad range of time spans. Localized drug delivery provides increased drug concentration to the targeted site versus systemic delivery, and consequently enhanced efficacy, while minimizing or eliminating systemic side effects. Its Matrix III is an inorganic-biopolymer composite. In each product application, the inorganic components are mixed with an aqueous biopolymer solution containing the medicinal. The resulting slurry solidifies and entraps the medicinal. Its R-Gel is supplied in a two-syringe system. One syringe contains oxidized dextran and the other syringe contains powders of active ingredients, excipients, and the cross-linking reagent, which is adipic acid dihydrazide. The company has three priority products in human health- R-Gel Antibiotic, R-Gel 5-FU, and R-Gel Bupivacaine.

Royer Biomedical has collaborations with several corporate partners and institutions which include: Hospital for Special Surgery (NYC), Johns Hopkins / NIH / Brain Tumor Consortium, Ohio State University Marion duPont Scott Medical Ctr. (Univ. of MD/VA Tech) etc.