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San Domenico Palace Hotel

Piazza San Domenico, 5
Taormina, Sicilia 98039, IT

Category: Hotels-Resorts

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Taormina and San Domenico Palace Hotel: names that are known all over the world. Taormina, nestling by the sea, has inspired the souls of great poets and famous personages, and the San Domenico Palace, in the citadel’s historic heart, has hosted them amid the entrancing charms of its ancient surroundings.

Built on the site of a 15th century monastery, of which it still conserves the original structure, the San Domenico Palace Hotel frames by a scene of rare beauty, which sweeps from the ancient Greek theatre to the peak of Mount Etna.

The magic that one breathes at the San Domenico Palace hotel, together with the attentive service and sensitive professionalism of the staff, make for an impressive array of services as a pleasurable complement to an exclusive, luxurious stay: cloisters and manicured gardens, a pool-side outdoor area, a wellness centre, fitness area and boutique, in addition to restaurants, including the Principe Cerami with its gourmet cuisine. All immersed in the unique, sun-drenched landscape of Taormina, Sicily.


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