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Sass d'Adam Crest

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Walks and Via Ferrata in the Dolomites

This walk starts in the village of Alba with a cable car ride to Compiac. From there you can either walk up to the start of the route at Sella Brunec, or you can catch a second lift up and save yourself some effort.

From Sella Brunec you walk along the ridge to Buffaure. From there you may either catch a lift down to Pozza di Fassa in the Fassa Valley, or walk down through the woods. The route is easy and pleasant so you may as well walk. Pozza di Fassa is quite a way from Alba so if you need to get back to your car you should walk down the hill in the direction of the main valley road. When you reach it turn right and walk about one hundred meters and you should find yourself at a bus stop where you can catch a bus back to Alba.

Reference – Shorter Walks in the Dolomites by Gillian Price. Published by Cicerone , UK. ISBN 1-85284-351-9.


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