Savoia Castle

Gressoney-saint-jean, Valle d'Aosta, ITALY

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Monuments of historical interest - Gressoney Saint Jean - Are thanks to the presence of Daisy of Savoia, spouse of Umberto and the Queen of Italy, that the tourist development of Gressoney between the the 800 end of and the beginning of ` the 900 has happened. The first stay of the monarch laughed them to 1889, but already to the half of the century its passionate father hunter came to hunt the ai to the feet of ghiacciaio of the Lys in company of the baron Antonio Beck Peccoz. The Queen always very received gives it local population made every return year to Gressoney during the summery months, and during gressonari stays she loved to wear local the popular custom. The castle of Queen Margherita rises to the feet of the Hill of the Ranzola, puts down it of the first stone happened with one solemn ceremony 24 August 1899. The architect Emilio Stramucci planned a castle in described medieval style from the guides coeve like "Lombardic style of century XV, much in use in the mezzodì of France and especially in the Savoia, donde they were original the Savoia reigning". The castle is constituted from a nucleus centers them of rectangular shape which five cuspidate turrets are placed side by side. The outside is covered in stone from coming from grey cut from Gressoney, Gaby and Vert. The painter and restorer Carl Cussetti realized paintings ornament them. Between the dependencies it detaches the Villa Lookout. The visit distance is divided in two parts: the flat land and the noble plan. The first one is constituted from a main income that introduces in an immense entrance hall, on a side they are found knows them from game and the salotti to them from stay. On the opposite side it is opened knows it it from lunch, rich decorated. The noble plan is opened with grifoni and eagles that leads to the preceded real apartments from an entrance hall. The privileged position sure occupies it the apartment of the Queen, from the windows it can be admired in all the its splendor the Mount Rose and the entire valley. The contiguous apartment was destined to hereditary prince Umberto, and from the opposite part of the entrance hall they are situates the apartments to you of the King and the checkers of company of the Queen and the King. Opening: anniversary Phone 0125/355396 Timetable of visit: 01-03 to the 31-05 09h30 - 12h00/ 13h30 - 17h00 (closed thursdays) 09h30 - 12h00/ 13h30 - 18h00 (Sunday and festive) 01-06 to 30-06 and 01-09 to the 30-09 9h00 - 18h30 01-07 to the 30-09 9h00 - 18h30 01-10 to the 28-02 10h00 - 12h00/ 13h30 - 16h30 (closed thursdays) 10h00 - 12h00/ 13h30 - 17h30 (Sunday and festive) Rate: 3,00? Reductions: 2,00? comitive at least 30 paid, military persons in university uniform and students; Free income for persons who have completed sessantacinquesimo the year of ages, persons that have not completed the eighteenth year of age and all the school peoples..


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