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sea ​​cave

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Just over a kilometre from the town of Bergeggi, the chalky cliffs open up to reveal a true wonder of nature which, incredibly, can be seen from the Via Aurelia high above. The main entrance can only be reached from the sea; a narrow pathway leads right down to the cave from the road. Once inside you can admire the greens and purples of the cave, and take in the wonderful ripples and reflections created by the seawater which has seeped inside. It was discovered back in 1881 and explored extensively until 1967 when a square-lipped vase and other material from the Neolithic period (5000-2000 BC) ? when the sea level was much lower than it is today due to glaciation ? were found in a gorge. These finds are now kept in the museums of Genoa Pegli, Vado Ligure and Finale Ligure. Numerous reef-dwelling species live in the waters of the cave, making this part of the Riviera a real paradise for marin life.